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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  December 6, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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walnut creek. it is too much for humans and pipes to handle. a large water main burst in martinez last night before 10:00 and it caused flooding at local businesses. they have turned off the water but what a mess. it is happening in homes, too, a woman learned the hard way the importance of covering up the pipes. >> i opened the curtains and i saw the water and i thought, well, it is not raining. >> the temperature was below 20 degrees in rohnert park so if you have to use towels to wrap up the types, better than nothing. leaving them exposed to cause you big problems. wrap color self up, too, it is freezing again this morning. you will need the big ode winter
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coat. it is really cold. i will go back into the thursday van now reporting in walnut creek. >> she has the big winter coat on. >> lighting of the beacon ceremony is relocated pus of the possibility of ice and snow of the fill now be held at the cal state east bay campus in concord. pearl harbor survivors rely a message by radio to a state parking employee to flip the switch to light the beacon at 4:45 tomorrow afternoon. each year since 1964 it is lit once a year december 7 to honor the victims of the pearl harbor attack. >> anything that thawed out yesterday is probably frozen this morning. look at this fountain in you can send us your pictures and videos at
4:32 am >> people around the world are remembering nelson mandela the former south african president and noble laureate died yesterday at the age 95 at his home in south africa. now, he changed the worldst. >> he sure did. nelson mandela's death was announced last night in south africa with so many waking up learning that their beloved leader is gone. >> this morning, the world is mourning the loss of an icon. outside, nelson mandela's home, they sang and danced all night. >> we celebrate what he has achieved and given us. >> his body was moved to a military hospital hours after he died. >> the tributes or pouring in for the man who defeated the apartheid system. americans are paying their
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respects from indiana to harlem, new york, to brooklyn. >> he was strong. >> in washington, dc, people gathered at the statue out of the south african embassy. >> it is a sense of my boys can have the opportunity to do a lot are month things. >> president obama attending a hanukah reception at the white house, remembered mandela as a champion of human rights. >> a moral giant who embodied the dignity and courage and home and sought to bring about justice in south africa but to inspires millions around the world. >> they were moved by his long walk to freedom imprisoned for 27 years he was a global symbol of the fight against apartheid from the cell he rallied millions against race. and injustice. in 1990 the south african government, under heavy pressure at home and from around the world released mandela and began dismantling apartheid. >> never again shall it be that
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this beautiful land will be oppressed one by another. >> next week, south africa will hold a memorial at a stadium that seats 95,000 people. the white house says president obama will attend. >> thank you. hearts are heavy around the world and here in the bay area where the antiapartheid movement took center stage decades ago. mandela visited the bay area in june of 1990 including a speech in front of 58,000 people looking to see him at oakland coliseum. he just was released from prison four months before that. a state senator was on stage at the time mayor of berkeley one of the only cities in the world that sanctioned south africa. >> that was a moment of joy for the entire community and the coliseum was full, every seats
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standing room only. we were celebrating this extraordinary human spirit. >> in 1985, 10,000 students at uc berkeley rallyied against apartheid and boycotted chooses. the following year, cam became the largest government in the united states to withdraw all investments related to south africa. >> people are sharing their memories of nelson mandela on our facebook page. you, too, can leave your thoughts. >> san jose state is taking the first step to addressing what the prosecution calls a hate crime against a black student. the university has appointed a retired superior court judge to load a task force to investigate what happened. they will recommend ways tone sure san jose state is a welcoming community. student protesters have demanded action from school leaders following claiming that white students tore mentioned their black roommate for weeks in
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their dom even snapping a bicycle lock around his neck. >> this morning, three richmond tones are accused of raping two girls after getting them so drunk they passed out. the assault took place on friday in a picnic area of a park in richmond. policecy the suspects, one 15, and two, 17, supplied the alcohol. the girls ages 14 and 17, woke up the next day and felt they had been sexually assaulted. they told their families who called police. >> the personal gene testing company 23 and 4 will stop offering results remitted to health to comply with a warning letter from the food and drug administration. this is video provided by the company. the f.d.a. considers the kits' medical device and the agency will review the health plains they are making. the company is backed by google ventures and facebook billionaire. the company says it will still offer ancestry information and raw gene data to customers but
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will not interpret what the data could mean. >> more problems for an east bay boy recovering from a dog attack. two pit bulls attacked the ten-year-old while he played at neighbor's house in antioch. he needed surgery for wounds to his face and head. now his mother claims that a family friend stole the the money raised dug a fundraiser in august. >> it is 4:37 and time if a check on the weather forecast. >> and now, benicia had 3,700 people without electricity. >> hopefully their houses can hold the heat because we are at the coldest point of the morning now through 7:00 and by 7:00 you can see the freezing temperatures will lift but the areas in light blue, everyone in the bay area but san francisco
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under the freeze wanting. where you see the dark blue in the central valley, that is a hard trees warning so temperatures are down in the teens and low 20's for several hours or a we call a "killing" freeze because if the plants are not hardy they will die. be careful soviet union are out and about. make sure you have your heaviest coat on and dress if layers. you know the drill. here is a look at day planner, mid-20's to mid-30's for most of us and upper 30 in san francisco and we will be around 50 with sunshine at noon and then high clouds and 50 at 4:00 with scattered light showers for evening plans and the best chance of rain and snow is tonight. we will talk about that will set coming up. but, first, a check of traffic with leyla gulen. >> be careful with black eggs, we had a couple of reports of spinouts yesterday because of black ice on the peninsula, specifically on 280 is be very careful when you head out to the roads and if the bridges.
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we do have a stall in oakland if you are trying to make it to the maze traveling along eastbound 580 at broadway where you have a stalled vehicle. watch out for that. our drive time traffic, 680, walnut creek to dublin is 14 minutes 101 southbound is 51 minutes and through the santa cruz mountains 24 minutes into los gatos and outside we go, with construction along the bay bridge in the westbound direction from the incline to the tower we will have lanes blocked off and that will last until 5:00. traffic is smooth into treasure island. >> the bitter cold becomes the least of the worries for some east bay neighbors. necessary, the danger coming from a chemical laboratory that forced them to shelter-in-place today. >> jumbo jet flying side ways and the pilot prevented a can
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>> covering santa rosa, berkeley, san jose and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> take a look at the dram pa in the air, the crew on the 007 had to divert after they tried, twice, to land in a heavy cross wind in england. the plane was almost sideways as the pilots tried to land yesterday and moments before touching down he aborts and lifts off, again, the plane came around but the same thing happened again and aircraft controllers diverted the flight 150 miles to gatwick near london. the 112 passengers were understandably unnerved but no one was h. >> pg&e has state-of-the-art gas control center today in san ramon. the facility will seven as a 24 hour nerve center to monitor 7,000 miles of transmission pipeline. the $38 million control center
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features a 90' long video wall with boards to analyze data which has a selllation facility for operators to assess a variety potential emergencies. >> this morning, an advisory to shelter in place is over after a scare. sky 7 was overhead at the pure solutions plant in pittsburg after the warning was issued last night. residents were told to stay indoors until the advisory was lifted the it took several hours to empty the contaminated tank with high concentrations, the gas could cause severe injuries to the lungs. it was closed after a series of releases that began on tuesday but the general manager says yesterday's threat was unrelated. >> we shut down the plant and have been working with the county and keeping everyone safe and making sure we do not have a
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problem. >> the top priority is taking care of the remain lowees and the surrounding community. >> a san francisco center is asking for your help after vandals broke in the girl's after school academy shattering five windows. but that is not the worst. >> they took a water hose and stuck it inside the busted windows and started to saturate our rooms with water. >> what? the freezing weather has turned the water into ice making the floor buckle and the broken windows make it too chilly for students to learn. officials say, please call the school if you can fix the windows and water damage. >> you could shake your heads over this. two teens tried to steal part of the wrecked porsche tied to fault walker's death. though saw a teen taking part of the car off tow truck when stopped at a light and the 40
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year old walker and a friend were killed last sat when the car they were in the crashed at high speed and an 18-year-old is in custody and another agreed to surrender. >> egypt army general who led the outing the morsi is people's choice for "person of the year," with 26 percent of the vote beating out the prime minister and miley cyrus. there have been two million total votes cast on the web site of time magazine and the editor pick for "person of the year" is announced later this month. >> remember, it is not a popularity contest. adolph hitler was person of the year in the 30's for time magazine... >> keep that in mind. >> so, freezing cold, right?
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a picture of 23 degrees, i did have 22 but i could not stop the car if time to get a picture. we will see who can beat that on face into battle. here is live doppler 7 hd, you can see the radar satellite dry with clouds. we will talk about our temperatures, it is 32 in san rafael. everyone is at or below freezing and mill valley is 30, and we have mid-to-upper 20's for guerneville and santa rosa and petaluma and novato and american canyon and napa and calistoga and 36 at bodega bay. san francisco is the warm spot at 41 degrees. 34 right now in newark, san carlos, half moon bay, check out cupertino, 29 degrees. we have a good frost going this. also, lafayette at 31 and san ramon at 27. from mount tamalpais, still pretty clean airing sent down to
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us from canada and alaska. our temperatures were colder than some parts of alaska because they sent the cold air to us and we sent warm air to them. sunny and chilly and die. evening and overnight is our best chance if rain and snow and it will be freezing cold again on sunday, monday, and possibly on tuesday morning. one of the longest stretches of winter weather we have had in a long time. upper 40's to low 50's, so it will not change much but you will notice an increase in clouds during the afternoon hours. look at this: by tomorrow morning, at 6:00 or 7:00, most of the even is almost over and it is a quick-moving storm, thankfully, because the rainfall amounts will be light and the snow will move away before the cold air comes down. that is unfortunate, because it will come around 2,000 feet and most of us will be below that. friday evening, this is the
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appetizer, but by 9:00 or 10:00, the heavy rain is in the north pay and by midnight in the heart of the bay is by 1:00 o'clock or 2:00, in the south bay and by 5:00 or 6:00 in the morning, it is gone and by 10:00, we will have quickly turning skies into sunshine and the weather advisory is above 2,500' and east bay hills, santa cruz mountains up to 6" of snow possible. the seven-day outlook shows freezing cold on sunday and monday morning and temperatures are stuck in the 50's for highs starting on monday and we can make it to 50 by thursday. leyla gulen? >> it is quiet around bay area but if you are leave town and headed out to the mountains, high 120 through the pass is going to be closed because of snow. further to the north, along highway 130 -- 108, closed, too,
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because of the snow. headed along 280 away from 17, it is wide open with no construction or crashes or stalls. just a few cars making the drive away from highway 17. everyone is hooking -- looking clear? >> doing good this holiday season could make you $7,000 richer. go to facebook and "give where you live." we will donate a dollar in your honor to the bay area feeding america food banks up to $75,000. each person who takes the pledge is entered to win several thousand in cash. the winner is announced on december 19 so spread the law and help us "give where you live." >> amazon is expected to launch a new delivery service next week for groceries according to the website www. allthingsdigital and all things french will be available on tuesday. you can go online and order
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groceries and get delivery the same day or next. amazon will have competition from google and shopping express and safe way and wal-mart which office delivery services. >> parents know this, when babies eat they end up with more food on their hands and high chair than in their mouths. why all that mess could be more important than we think. >> and batkid will be returning to san francisco this weekend.
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the holidays have come to golden gate park in san francisco, with a little flooding action. the crowd took part in the tree lighting ceremony with 40 tons of snow trucked in enough for adults and kids get to make christmas cookies. the event was the lighting of the huge christmas tree that continues through the holidays
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and it is free! >> the bat signal must have flashed because, san francisco, we have the return of batkid, back, the mild mannered miles scott, a five-year-old cancer survivor would wished to be batkid for a day. tomorrow, miles will reunite with police chief greg sure for a fundraiser so other kids in make-a-wish foundation can see your dreams come true. the event is at 8:30 a.m. >> that also brothers to be fun and the bat suit can keep miles warm. >> dress in dark closes when it is cold because it absorbs the sun. at stick, seattle is here to take on the 49ers with a lot of sun. the temperature, though, is in the mid-to-upper 40's. traveling average the state, look for rapidly declining
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conditions up north, around shasta and headed to tahoe you will be fine but in the evening, snow starts to develop and we going to get anywhere from 6" to 12" at lake level. >> in san jose we are construction that is wrapping up as we speak as you ride along 280, you will fine the cones picked up as you make the connection between northbound 280 to northbound highway 85 so always slow if the cone zone. as we hook at our dry time traffic from tracy to dublin/pleasanton, 24 minutes and 680 southbound from dublin to mission boulevard, south is 15 minutes and highway 85, 101 to cupertino is a short five-minute commute. we will see what is happen on the san mateo bridge from hayward to foster city, only going to take you ten or 12 minutes in the westbound direction. >> the national transportation safety board hold as hearing into the crash of asiana flight 214 at sfo. investigators will not hear from
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the pilots of the boeing 777 that slammed into the seawall at the end of the runway. the pilots have only spoken privately to ntsb investigators. the chief pilot and training manager will appear with representatives from boeing, the f.a.a., and the san francisco fire department. three teen girls were killed and dozens of passengers injuried in the july 6 crash. the hearing is set if tuesday and wednesday in washington, dc. >> senator feinstein of california says that sunday's new york train crash could have been prevented and push if stronger safety standards after four passengers were killed and 60 were injured. she supported legislation in 2008 for railroads to install technology to automatically slow or stop trains if engineers are going too fast or headed to another train. the measure set a deadline at the end of 20 continue but the rail industry has been lobbying congress to extend it to 2020. >> on monday the palo alto city council will discuss the results of the first ever transportation
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survey on worsening traffic congestion. among the findings, 20 percent of residents own a hybrid and 93 percent own at least one bicycle and 53 percent of residents have four or more bicycles if their home. 44 percent say they work outside the city with mountain view and san jose being the two main destinations. residents prefer to bicycle or walk when they do not have to drive. >> pregnant women with depression could face a higher risk of passing the condition on to their children. researchers in singapore believe babies can contract depression before they are born. a survey asked women of their mental health when 26 weeks pregnant and m.r.i.'s show abnormal wiring in the brains of babies born to mothers who had depression. >> a study says new parents should encourage their toddlers or let them lay with their food. it has to do with learning.
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the more messy the toddler is, the more he or she could learn. researchers at the university of ohio studied 70, 16-month-old children and those who played with the food the most were better able to match the word to the correct food. it turns out that all the squishy and throwing of food helps babies explore with all their senses. they are discovering. it is all good. >> let's not see the adults do that. another morning and more freezing temperatures. next, at 5:00 a.m. the hazard the weather is posing to homeowners and how people are coping with day three of the big chill. >> a hunter is accused of we starting a devastating fire in the sierra and the charge he is facing.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is 5:00. thank you for joining us. ought winter coat of yours, probably getting more work this week than all year long. >> hopefully, the proper accessories because it is another freezing one if you are at bart station this morning in the east bay. dublin and pleasanton, 26 degrees right now. we are subfreezing in concord at 31 and lafayette, same, and walnut creek is 32 and fremont is 34 and hayward is 35, and san leandro and oakland, 37. coming into san francisco, about 41. we will warm nicely today. but just like the rest of us, the temperatures are going to


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